12 Ways to Stoke Your Creative Fire

12 Ways To Stoke Your Creative Fire +FREE Printable

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Do you sometimes feel like you’re in a creative slump? Does it block you from moving forward on your project? I can TOTALLY relate and I got you! As a creative entrepreneur, I rely on my creativity every day so it’s imperative that I stay motivated and inspired. Some days I may not feel so creative and that’s ok but if I need to get out of my rut quickly for a client deadline, I have my go-to list of helpful tricks. 

My list includes activities that make me happy and help me return to my heart center.  

I made you a FREE fillable and/or printable where you can write in your own 12 go-to ways to stoke your creative fire. You'll find it at the end of this post.

Here are 12 of my go-to’s: 

1. Go For a Walk

Taking a break, being outdoors and breathing fresh air can work wonders for the creative spirit. It’s a big win, all around. You benefit from some exercise, clean air in your lungs and you return to your project with fresh eyes. 

Walking grounds you when you’re feeling frazzled. Allowing for space in your mind – without any self-pressure – allows a wave of new ideas to flow in. 

2. Visit Your Favourite Book Store

Whenever I start working on a new project, or for a new client, I like to get a fancy latte and browse my local bookstore for inspiration. 

I can research a specific topic. I can take in visual ideas from book cover designs and magazine layouts. For a graphic designer like myself it’s like being a kid in a candy shop. 

3. Workout or Tidy Your Space

By doing mindless reps, following repetitive choreography or tidying my home or office, I often get hit with inspiration when I least expect it. It’s like a cosmic download. Sometimes you need to take that step back. It’s all about giving yourself the space for creativity to enter. It’s a form of surrender. 

4. Relocate

If you’re working from home during the pandemic maybe you can change up where you work in your home? For example, try working from your kitchen table, your couch, your bed, your patio, your front steps or your office. 

I have a small writing desk that I sometimes move to a different room. 

Maybe you could even try working from your car if there’s a nice spot you can drive to and park. Not while driving—obviously! I sometimes do phone calls or handwritten planning/brainstorming-type work by the lake. 

5. Plan a Co-working Day

Do you work alone? Since I work with a virtual team, it can get lonely at times. Physically working alongside other like-minded professionals for a few hours always helps me get the creative juices flowing. Coffee shop co-working sessions are great for that! 

During pandemic times I’ve started doing Zoom co-working sessions which are super fun! You can take breaks from your individual work to brainstorming or get feedback on your projects.  

6. Meditate

When you feel stuck, be still. Take the time to ask your angels and guides to help you. Ask them to help you open to and ignite your creative flow. They WILL help.

Life happens and these are no easy times. Our thoughts can become clouded by stress, worry or fear. 

Meditating helps us to see clearly and observe ourselves. It helps us to identify and release our blocks from a higher perspective. 

With a clear mind, creativity can return. 

7. Creative Journal

Journaling goes hand in hand with meditating. You can try writing about what you think is blocking you and how you feel you can change the situation. 

Brain dump all that’s on your mind and that’s taking up all the space. Sometimes just putting it on paper will provide a release and an awareness and make space for the new. 

A journal is also a great place to record all your creative ideas for future use. For example: art pieces you want to create or blog topics you want to write about. 

8. Browse Pinterest

Sometimes you just need a good dose of inspiration from others. I’ve found Pinterest to be a great place to search for anything visual. In my design business that might be branding, colours, logo design inspiration, home decor, etc. 

9. Call Upon Your Mastermind Group

According to Napoleon Hill, Best Selling Author of Think and Grow Rich, every successful person has a mastermind group; a peer-to-peer mentoring group of individuals who help each other reach higher and achieve more. The members of these groups usually have various strengths and talents that complement each other. 

When you are stuck in your creativity, reaching out to a friend, colleague, spouse or mastermind group can help you get unstuck and see your project or goal from a new angle. 

10. List & Sketch

Think of this exercise as your own creative brief. When I have a client design project, I always start by writing down all the elements that need to be included as a bullet list. 

I sketch out the pages and start placing the content where I think it makes the most sense. I sketch where headings, body copy, images, bullets, graphic elements, call to action and contact info will go. 

Once I feel good about it, I’ll recreate it on the computer. I always find it easier to think clearly when I start on paper.  

11. Sleep On It

Even during times when my creativity is in flow, I rarely send a first draft of a logo or colour palette to a client right after it’s done. I take a step back, sleep on it and come back to it with fresh eyes the next day. It’s all part of the incubation period. 

Great ideas take time to perfectly execute. They require reflection and space to grow into even better ideas. 

12. Take a Break

If you’re drawing a blank or feeling frustrated because you’re just not on your creative A-game, STOP. Either come back to it the next day, if you can, or at the very least take a short break. 

Try one of the above tips or tricks or take a micro-break. A chiropractor client once told me that if you work on a computer all day, it’s really important to take micro-breaks every 45 mins to stretch, take some deep breaths and drink water. 

You’ll be amazed at the benefits. It’s good for your mind and a good preventive measure for your physical body to not develop back pain issues. 

As promised, here is your FREE printable template so you can make your own list of top 12 tricks: 



Much love,
Christine Joy

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