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Soul Contract Readings


We each have our own unique Soul Contract.
Would you like to know what YOUR spiritual blueprint reveals about why you are here now, what challenges your soul signed up to experience and learn from, what innate talents you possess and what your life purpose is?

In a Soul Contract Reading, Christine will decode your unique blueprint so you can better understand yourself, your life, and why you incarnated at this time on Earth. 

Understanding your Soul Contract will:

  • Give you a greater understanding of your life's challenges
  • Reveal your life purpose & soul mission
  • Reveal your strengths and talents 
  • Highlight your unique gift of service to the world
  • Help you achieve more joy and fulfilment 
  • Help you manifest your heartfelt dreams with ease & alignment

How it works:

  • Your chart is generated using your full birth name
  • Christine preps your chart in advance of your reading
  • Sessions are 90mins over Zoom
  • Sessions are video recorded so you can refer back for years to come
  • Sessions are interactive and therapeutic so you get to share your stories & ask questions to better integrate the information

Cost: $196 USD

Recorded Zoom 90mins Session

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