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Hello beautiful,
I’m Christine Joy!


Brand Identity Designer & Soul Contract Reader, here to serve the new wave of entrepreneurs. 

At a soul level, you are here in this lifetime on a mission—one of learning and serving. Do you know what your soul mission is? Maybe there’s a project, goal or business you’ve always wanted to start. Maybe it involves a career change. Maybe that seems scary or you need validation because it’s such a stretch from what you’re doing right now. Your Soul Contract can reveal and confirm your deepest truths, talents, goals and mission for this lifetime. 

How does this relate to branding? Your mission or life purpose often becomes a business. Your modality is HOW you share your gifts with the world. Through your writing, speaking, healing, coaching, teaching or creating, you help others learn, grow and evolve. 

My modalities as Soul Contract Reader & Brand Identity Designer allow me to help entrepreneurs like you gain clarity around your soul mission and create a brand identity that reflects your essence—one that will help you naturally magnetize your community. My mission is to help you step out into the world, shine your light & make a bigger impact as I do the same. Where we go one we go all. I hope you’ll join me. 

The world needs you.

3 ways I can help you...

1:1 Zoom Session to ask me your questions, brainstorm, review and/or strategize

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Hire me and my team to design your brand — one that reflects your essence & mission

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Gain clarity around your talents, challenges & mission in this lifetime

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Did you know... 

that our brain processes images 60,000 times faster than words? That’s because images are felt in the body as energy. Graphics speak to us unconsciously and draw us in at a soul level. Your branding holds the power to naturally attract your community and build trust with potential clients.

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Client Testimonial Branding Ruchy Khurana High Frequency Brands Review

“As the new owner of a start up, I was completely lost as to what I wanted my brand identity to reflect. Working with Christine helped me tremendously with finding my brand’s unique voice and look. Christine’s impeccable style, paired with her extraordinary listening skills and intuition took a vague idea (at best) and formed it into something I am proud to call my own. To this day, I am amazed at what we created together! Christine is my Brand Whisperer.”

— Ruchy Khurana, Ruchy Skincare, Owner + Product Developper